What our clients say

"I was very pleased with your reps. 

They were friendly and quick learners.  With their help, we gave away 1,000 samples, 1,000 coupons, signed up hundreds of new members to our Schar database and sampled thousands of pieces of bread.  
If I were to need staffing services in your area or know of someone who needed help, I would recommend you because of the great selection"


-Mirella Cruz | Dr. Schar, USA Inc.

Product Manager

"I want to thank you for your assistance in reaching out to and making arrangements with Danielle. It was such a pleasure to spend last weekend with her at the GFFAF. She was an asset to the weekend and our experience at the event. Thank you!"

-Kim Cobbs | Don't Go Nuts

"Tracy and Indajae were amazing! We’d love to continue to work with them in Baltimore, or wherever they may be."

-Lauren | Brazi Bites

Health & Wellness is making its way into all levels of consumer experience. "Healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss sales are projected to be close to 277 billion globally. "Team SMG" has a diverse background of nutrition, wellness, sales and marketing education and experience. Learn more about our highly knowledgeable staff and how they can take your sales and marketing to the next level. 


knowledgeable team

making sure you get the representation you deserve.

Our representatives educate and define our vendor's product lines to consumers

which creates brand awareness and brand loyalty.

"I am so thankful to have found you! You and your company are AMAZING and have saved me THREE times in the past several months - I can't thank you enough. Not only do you work hard to fill our needs but your pricing is unbeatable especially with the caliber of reps you send to represent our brand! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! It's so exciting to think she not only represented our brand very well but she also worked hard to get us media coverage - that's amazing!"

-Kristin Arslan | Bakery On Main Consumer Outreach Manager 

​I just wanted to say that I was extremely impressed by your rep at the GF Show in Dallas this weekend.  She went above and beyond in terms of set-up and take down, and she successfully sold all the product we sent, achieving very good sales for us.  More importantly she represented the brand well, interacting with consumers continually and giving them information and coupons to use.  And she has given us great feedback that we can use in our strategic thinking about our brand positioning.  Really it is hard to think what else she could have achieved - just excellent all round.

-Simon Lester, Pascha Chocolate Co.

How are we DIFFERENT?


"Very pleased with Abdul and this service.  Thank you so much!!! Cheers from CHFA!"

-Steve Wangler | The Good Crisp Company

Samplemoregreen is one of the leading natural food and product marketing companies in the United States. We assist in both demo marketing and natural food brokerage services. SMG provides nutrition educated representatives with promotional sales experience, to assist vendors in driving sales and increase brand awareness and loyalty at Natural Food & Wellness Expos and Events, in-store specialty demos and at other wellness venues.

some of our vendors

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We believe we many times do the "close to i m p o s s i b l e!" Saving our vendor clients the financial stress of transportation, lodging and other costs associated with exhibiting at an Out of Town Event. We also have been known to locate the best representative fit in a short period of time.